Updating AquaSnap

AquaSnap automatically checks for updates once a week and will offer you to update your version if newer version is available. However, if you do not want to wait, you can force AquaSnap to update itself. Here is how to do:

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Method 1: With the tray menu

Right-click on the AquaSnap tray icon, at the bottom right corner of the screen. AquaSnap - Tray menu - Check for updates
Choose Check for updates in the tray menu.
AquaSnap will contact our server and if a new version is available you will be offered to install it. Click on the Update button. AquaSnap - Software update
The latest version of AquaSnap will be automatically downloaded and installed.

Method 2: With the MSI package

Download the latest version of the MSI installer:
Run the MSI installer by double-clinking on the file AquaSnap.msi.
The MSI installer will automatically update your installed copy of AquaSnap.