Optimizing your games with GameLibBooster

By default, GameLibBooster is configured to automatically optimize your video games when you don't use your computer, to ensure that you always play your games from your fastest hard drive or SSD.

If you want to manually start the optimization process, or if you have disabled the background optimization function, here is how to do:

Open GameLibBooster. If some of your video games need to be optimized, a red notification banner will appear at the bottom of the window and will propose you to optimize them now.

GameLibBooster - Your games need to be optimized

Click on OPTIMIZE in the red notification banner. GameLibBooster will start the game optimization process. The progression will be displayed in the yellow  execution queue that will appear at the bottom of the window. The progression is represented by the green line. The optimization process can be paused, resumed or canceled at any time.

GameLibBooster - Game optimization in progress

When GameLibBooster has finished to optimize your computer, a green notification banner appears at the bottom of the window.

GameLibBooster - All your games are optimized