The GameLibBooster user interface

GameLibBooster - GUI

Search box: filter the games displayed in the game list(8). Only the games containing the search pattern in their name will be displayed.
Check for updates: check if your GameLibBooster is up to date. If a new version is available, you will be proposed to install it. GameLibBooster also automatically checks for updates every 7 days.
About GameLibBooster: display various informations about GameLibBooster (installed version, related URLs, EULA, license, etc.).
Online help: click here to open the GameLibBooster User Guide or to contact our support team.
GLibBBot: the smart advisor that makes sure that GameLibBooster and Steam are ideally configured and that you are getting the most out of your hardware.
General settings: click here to open the General Settings menu.
Drives and libraries tree: here are listed your computer's drives and the game libraries that they contain. Select a drive or a game library in this list to only display the corresponding games in the game list(8).
Game list: here are listed all your games, with their size and status (optimized, not optimized, locked or unknown). If a drive or game library is selected in the drives and libraries tree(7), only the corresponding games are displayed.
Progress bar: when GameLibBooster is optimizing your games, this green line displays the global progression of all the optimization tasks in the execution queue(12).
Contextual information panel: here are displayed various information about the item selected in the  drives and libraries tree(7).
Contextual action bar: here are listed all the actions that you can do on the item selected in the  drives and libraries tree(7).
Execution queue: here are listed the optimization tasks that GameLibBooster is executing. The tasks are executed sequentially. Each task can be paused or canceled.