AquaSnap Configuration > Hotkeys

All the functions of AquaSnap can be assigned to a keyboard shortcut. To configure the keyboard shortcuts, double-click on the TidyTabs tray icon, at the bottom-right corner of the screen, and click on Hotkeys.

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The Hotkeys tab

AquaSnap - Settings - Hotkeys

  • Enable keyboard shortcuts: if enabled, the AquaSnap keyboard shortcuts are active and can override the keyboard shortcuts defined by Windows or by other applications. The default value is enabled.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: this is the list of the available keyboard shortcuts.

How to modify a keyboard shortcut

Double-click on the keyboard shortcut that you want to change.
Use the small popup window to configure the keyboard shortcut.
Press Return.

The default keyboard shortcuts

Window management

Action Shortcut 1 Shortcut 2
Maximize Win+Return Win+NumPad5
Maximize across all monitors Shift+Win+Return Shift+Win+NumPad5
Minimize Win+Del Win+.
Minimize all Win+M unassigned
Minimize all (all monitors) Shift+Win+M unassigned
Minimize others Win+Alt+M unassigned
Minimize others (all monitors) Shift+Win+Alt+M unassigned
Minimize to tray Ctrl+Win+M unassigned
Close Win+Esc unassigned
Kill process Ctrl+Win+Esc unassigned
Send to background Ctrl+Win+B unassigned
Always on top Ctrl+Win+Return unassigned
Center window Ctrl+Win+C unassigned

Window docking

Action Shortcut 1 Shortcut 2
Dock top left Win+Home Win+NumPad7
Dock top Win+Up Win+NumPad8
Dock top right Win+PgUp Win+NumPad9
Dock left Win+Left Win+NumPad4
Dock right Win+Right Win+NumPad6
Dock bottom left Win+End Win+NumPad1
Dock bottom Win+Down Win+NumPad2
Dock bottom right Win+PgDown Win+NumPad3

Window stretching

Action Shortcut 1 Shortcut 2
Stretch up left Win+Alt+Home Win+Alt+NumPad7
Stretch up Win+Alt+Up Win+Alt+NumPad8
Stretch up right Win+Alt+PgUp Win+Alt+NumPad9
Stretch left Win+Alt+Left Win+Alt+NumPad4
Stretch right Win+Alt+Right Win+Alt+NumPad6
Stretch down left Win+Alt+End Win+Alt+NumPad1
Stretch down Win+Alt+Down Win+Alt+NumPad2
Stretch down right Win+Alt+PgDown Win+Alt+NumPad3
Stretch all directions Win+Alt+Return Win+Alt+NumPad5

Moving a window to another monitor

Action Shortcut 1 Shortcut 2
Top left monitor Shift+Win+Home Shift+Win+NumPad7
Top monitor
Shift+Win+Up Shift+Win+NumPad8
Top right monitor Shift+Win+PgUp Shift+Win+NumPad9
Left monitor Shift+Win+Left Shift+Win+NumPad4
Right monitor Shift+Win+Right Shift+Win+NumPad6
Bottom left monitor Shift+Win+End Shift+Win+NumPad1
Bottom monitor Shift+Win+Down Shift+Win+NumPad2
Bottom right monitor Shift+Win+PgDown Shift+Win+NumPad3

Moving a window by a few pixels

Action Shortcut 1 Shortcut 2
Move up left Shift+Ctrl+Win+Home Shift+Ctrl+Win+NumPad7
Move up
Shift+Ctrl+Win+Up Shift+Ctrl+Win+NumPad8
Move up right Shift+Ctrl+Win+PgUp Shift+Ctrl+Win+NumPad9
Move left Shift+Ctrl+Win+Left Shift+Ctrl+Win+NumPad4
Move right Shift+Ctrl+Win+Right Shift+Ctrl+Win+NumPad6
Move down left Shift+Ctrl+Win+End Shift+Ctrl+Win+NumPad1
Move down Shift+Ctrl+Win+Down Shift+Ctrl+Win+NumPad2
Move down right Shift+Ctrl+Win+PgDown Shift+Ctrl+Win+NumPad3

Resizing a window by a few pixels

Action Shortcut 1 Shortcut 2
Increase size Shift+Ctrl+Win+Alt++ Shift+Ctrl+Win+Alt+PgUp
Decrease size Shift+Ctrl+Win+Alt+- Shift+Ctrl+Win+Alt+PgDown
Increase width Shift+Ctrl+Win+Alt+Right unassigned
Decrease width Shift+Ctrl+Win+Alt+Left unassigned
Increase height Shift+Ctrl+Win+Alt+Up unassigned
Decrease height Shift+Ctrl+Win+Alt+Down unassigned

Power management

Action Shortcut 1 Shortcut 2
Shut down computer unassigned unassigned
Restart computer unassigned unassigned
Sign out unassigned unassigned
Sleep unassigned unassigned
Hibernate unassigned unassigned