AquaSnap Configuration > AquaShake

Here you can configure the AquaShake function of AquaSnap. To access this screen, double-click on the TidyTabs tray icon, at the bottom-right corner of the screen, and click on AquaShake.

The AquaShake function permits you to accomplish various operations simply by shaking the mouse cursor.

The AquaShake tab

AquaSnap - Settings - AquaShake

  • Shaking mode: here you can choose between several modes. The default value is AquaShake.
    • Disabled: when selected, nothing happen when you shake the mouse cursor.
    • AeroShake: when selected, AquaSnap mimics the default behavior of the built-in Aero Snap function of Windows 7, which is to minimize all other windows when you shake a window.
    • AquaShake: when selected, shaking a windows makes it become semi-transparent and stay always on top of the other windows. This is especially useful when you work with a fullscreen application but still need to see another a small window such as a calculator window. Shaking the window again will restore its normal state.
      • Opacity: this setting allows you to change the transparency level of the pinned window. The default value is 50%.
  • Shake detection: here you can adjust several parameters of the shake detection algorithm.
    • Sensitivity: minimum amplitude of the mouse shake required to trigger the action.
    • Speed: minimum speed of the mouse shake required to trigger the action.
    • Duration: minimum duration of the mouse shake required to trigger the action.