AquaSnap & TidyTabs: the perfect combo

AquaSnap and TidyTabs are both aimed to help you to work more efficiently when you have many opened programs, but their approaches are very different and complementary.
AquaSnap is perfect when you need to work simultaneously with several applications. It lets you divide your desktop into different segments each of which fits a given application. In this case, you will have all your windows on your desktop, allowing you to multitask.
On the other side, TidyTabs is perfect when you need to work sequentially with several applications. It lets you group logically related programs into a single tabbed shell to save space on your desktop and to allow you to easily switch between them.
But both tools were created to interoperate perfectly. You can create tabbed groups with TidyTabs and tile them thanks to AquaSnap for a clean interface and a tidy desktop. Using the two together allows you to multitask without confusion and helps you to up your productivity while minimizing errors.