TidyTabs Configuration > Exclusions

Here you can configure the list of applications that should or should not be affected by TidyTabs. To access this screen, double-click on the TidyTabs tray icon, at the bottom-right corner of the screen, and click on EXCLUSIONS.

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Choosing an exclusion mode

TidyTabs - Settings - Exclusions

  • Exclusion mode: this setting allows you to choose between two different exclusion systems. The default value is Blacklist.
    • Blacklist: when selected, TidyTabs will add a tabbed shell to all your applications, except the ones listed in Exclusion list.
    • Whitelist: when selected, TidyTabs will add a tabbed shell only to the applications listed in Exclusion list. The other applications will not be affected by TidyTabs.

Adding an application to the exclusion list

Click on the Folder button.
Choose a program on your hard drive:
Click on the Plus button.

Removing an application from the exclusion list

Select the program in the list:
Click on the Minus button.