TidyTabs Configuration > Behavior

Here you can configure the behavior of the tabs added to your applications by TidyTabs. To access this screen, double-click on the TidyTabs tray icon, at the bottom-right corner of the screen, and click on BEHAVIOR.


TidyTabs - Settings - Behavior

  • Basic features:
    • Automatically hide single tabs: when enabled, the tab of ungrouped windows are hidden in order to reduce the visual noise. The hidden tabs appear when you mouse over them. The default value is enabled.
    • Automatically hide tabs in fullscreen: when enabled, the tabs of maximized windows is placed at the middle of the title bar and is be hidden until you mouse over it. The default value is enabled.
    • Display a tooltip when the tab name is too long: when enabled, if the caption of a tab is too long to fit entirely, the entire text is displayed in a tooltip when you mouse over the tab. The default value is enabled.
  • Advanced features: (only available in the Professional Edition)
    • Allow tab reordering: when enabled, the tabs in a tabbed group can be reordered by dragging them with the mouse. The default value is enabled.
    • Double click to rename a tab: when enabled, the tabs can be renamed by double-clicking on them. The default value is enabled.
    • Middle click to close a tab: when enabled, the windows can be closed by clicking with the middle mouse button on their tab. The default value is enabled.