Customizing Default Configuration for New Chat Rooms

Creating an efficient and tailored workspace in BrainSoup is essential for enhancing productivity and collaboration. By adjusting the default settings for all new chat rooms, you can ensure a consistent experience that aligns with your preferences and needs. This guide will walk you through the process of customizing these settings.

Accessing Default Chat Room Configuration

  1. Click on the Settings button located in the right pane to open the Settings page.
  2. Scroll down to find the section labeled Default chat room configuration. Here, you will find various options that can be adjusted to set your preferred defaults for any new chat room created.

Available Options


Set the default language for chat rooms. This will determine the primary language used by agents in conversations, unless you ask them to switch to another language during a chat. Please note that not all LLMs support multiple languages, and some are optimized for specific languages.

Automatic Summarization

Toggle this option to enable or disable automatic summarization of chat discussions. When enabled, summaries of chats are generated to provide quick insights into discussions, and to help agents to stay focused on the main points.

Simulate Agent Reading & Writing Speeds

Adjust this setting to simulate more human-like interactions by controlling the speed at which agents read and write messages. This can help slow down conversations when multiple agents are involved, and let you follow along more easily.

Allowed Documents

Specify which types of documents can be shared and accessed within chat rooms. This helps maintain security and relevance of shared content.

Context Subscriptions

Select default context subscriptions for new chat rooms. Contexts provide background information that agents can use to offer more informed responses. Please note that each subscribed context is injected into the agent's working memory and increases it's usage cost, so choose wisely. It's probably best to set context subscriptions on a per-chat basis.

Event Subscriptions

Choose which events your chat rooms should automatically subscribe to. Events trigger agents to perform specific actions.

Allowed Tools

Determine which tools are available by default in new chat rooms. Tools extend the functionality of agents, allowing them to perform tasks or access external information. Each tool takes up some of the agent's working memory, so be mindful of the number of tools you enable. It's probably best to set tools on a per-chat basis.