Creating a Chat Room and Inviting Agents


BrainSoup's chat rooms are dynamic spaces designed to facilitate collaboration between you and your agents. These rooms are versatile, allowing for problem-solving, idea brainstorming, and task automation with the support of multiple agents.

Step 1: Creating a New Chat Room

  • Navigate to the main window of BrainSoup.
  • Click on the + button (New chat) found in the right pane, above the list of chat rooms.
  • This will lead you to a new empty chat room where.

Step 2: Inviting Agents

  • Once your chat room is set up, you can invite agents by activating the toggle button next to each agent listed under Participants in the left pane.
  • Multiple agents can be invited to a single chat room, enabling a collaborative approach to tackle more sophisticated objectives.
  • Events such as agent joining or leaving the chat room are displayed in the chat area as special messages, that are also visible by all agents in the room.

Step 3: Customizing Chat Room Settings

  • Access your chat room’s settings by clicking on the Gear icon (Chat settings) in the header area.
  • Here, you can customize various settings including language preferences and whether to enable or disable automatic summarization—useful for conserving credits when necessary.
  • You're also able to adjust document access permissions and configure context and event subscriptions to optimize the chat room according to your specific needs.


  • Naming your chat room is optional. If not named immediately, BrainSoup will automatically generate a name (and an icon) after a few messages to help agents stay focused on the chat's topic.
  • From the header area, you can also mark the chat as confidential, keep it active in the background, or add it to your favorites for quick access.
  • You can also change the default chat room settings by going to the main window and clicking on the Settings button in the bottom left corner. This will allow you to set the default preferences for all new chat rooms.

Step 4: Engaging with Agents and Sharing Files

  • Start conversations with your agents using the input box at the bottom of the chat area.
  • The conversation can be paused/resumed as needed by clicking on the Pause button at the left of the input box, a feature that proves especially handy for background chat rooms or when handling interactions with multiple agents.
  • Files can be shared with agents simply by dragging and dropping them into the chat area. These files will then be stored within a sandboxed file system exclusive to your chat room, accessible through the Integrated File Explorer in the right pane.


  • You can pin messages by clicking on their Pin icon to highlight important information so agents don't forget them.
  • If you don't like the direction the conversation is taking, you can delete certain messages by clicking on their Trash icon and resume the conversation from a time that suits you.


Chat rooms are the cornerstone of BrainSoup, and allow for much more than just text-based conversations. We will see in subsequent guides how these rooms can be leveraged for a variety of tasks, from collaborative document editing to automating workflows with the help of agents.