Welcome to BrainSoup

BrainSoup: A Native Multi-Agent AI Platform on Your PC

Welcome to BrainSoup, the local application that puts the power of artificial intelligence right at your fingertips, without compromising your data privacy. BrainSoup operates natively on your computer, ensuring that all your personal data remains within the confines of your own system. It's your personalized AI platform, inviting you to experiment and tinker to your heart's content, capable of accomplishing a myriad of tasks efficiently.

The Philosophy of BrainSoup

At the core of BrainSoup is the notion of personalization and interaction. It enables you to create bespoke AI agents that learn and remember through interactions with you or other agents. These agents are not just confined to your computer—they are designed to interact with resources across the Internet, working together autonomously and adapting to your needs. The intuitive chat interface is akin to popular messaging platforms, making it both familiar and easy to engage with your AI companions.

The Powerhouse of BrainSoup: LLMs

BrainSoup leverages the cutting-edge capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) for its agent AI, providing a sophisticated understanding and generation of natural language. At the heart of BrainSoup is the Semantic Kernel, an orchestration layer that dramatically enhances the capabilities of these LLMs by using them in synergy. Whether you prefer using local LLMs for data privacy or external cloud-based LLMs for their vast computational power, BrainSoup accommodates both. It simplifies the installation and management of local LLMs through Ollama, an open-source application that provides access to a variety of LLMs, such as Llama and Alpaca.

Moreover, BrainSoup integrates external LLMs through a dedicated anonymization server, currently allowing access to OpenAI and Mistral AI's LLMs. This ensures that while your agents are smart, they are also respecting your privacy.

Integrating with the World Beyond

BrainSoup extends the knowledge of its agents by tapping into your local documents, from text documents to images, and even audio files. Agents possess a real-time awareness through a dynamic context system, enabling them to perceive the world through your data. They can react to changes in their environment with a customizable event system and can take action with a versatile tool system. Security is paramount; thus, agents operate within a sandboxed file system to collaborate safely.


BrainSoup offers a distinctive blend of privacy, customization, and cutting-edge AI technology. It empowers you to build AI agents that are truly yours, tailored to your tasks, and safeguarded by a system that respects the sanctity of your data. Dive into the world of BrainSoup, where your computer becomes the canvas for AI-powered innovation and efficiency.

Welcome aboard the BrainSoup journey, where your AI adventures begin locally but the possibilities are endless.