Knowledge in BrainSoup refers to the information that is stored in an agent's long-term memory. This data is kept in a local vector database for quick access and retrieval.

Knowledge is categorized into modules, usually corresponding to a document. As a BrainSoup user, you have the ability to control which knowledge modules an agent or a chat room can access. This feature provides focus to agents' operations and interactions.

Custom Knowledge

Custom Knowledge corresponds to user-provided data stored in the Documents folder and its subdirectories. This feature enables users to enrich agents' long-term memory with specific or specialized data, broadening their operational range and depth.

BrainSoup supports a variety of file formats, catering to different types of data. The following formats are accepted and processed by the system:

  • Text Documents: ".txt", ".pdf", ".docx" (Microsoft Word), ".md" (Markdown)
  • Audio Files: ".wav", ".flac", ".mp3", ".mpga", ".m4a", ".ogg"
  • Image Files: ".jpg", ".jpeg", ".png", ".bmp", ".gif"