What performance issues cannot be solved by GameLibBooster?

GameLibBooster is a gaming-oriented disk optimization software and consequently will not solve the following performance problems:

  • Constant low FPS: short FPS drops and lag spikes are often caused by slow disk access and can be solved by GameLibBooster. But a constant low FPS means that your GPU (or sometimes your CPU) is the bottleneck. You can often mitigate this problem by disabling some visual effects in the game settings, by using a lower resolution, or by upgrading your hardware.
  • Input lag: the input lag is the delay between pressing a button or moving the mouse, and seeing the game react. This is often a software problem: some applications that need to hook into the Windows message queue can introduce a latency if not properly optimized. But this can also sometimes be a hardware problem: wireless keyboards and mouses are known to have a longer response time.
  • Display lag: the display lag is the delay between the rendering of a frame and the displaying of this frame on the screen. This is often a hardware issue associated with the screen. HDTVs often have a higher latency that computer monitors. This can also be a software problem associated with the game itself, that you can try to solve by turning off post-processing effects in the game settings.
  • Network lag: network lags are characterized by jerky movements, desynchronization of the game state and disconnections. They almost always have an external cause: a slow network, an overloaded server, or another player with a slow computer.