What performance issues can solve GameLibBooster?

GameLibBooster is a disk optimization software dedicated to PC gamers, it speeds up disk access for your games. This not only makes your games load faster, but also solves many performance problems that can be caused by slow hard drives:

  • Loading lags: when the drive isn’t fast enough to load all the game assets needed to render the scene, the rendering can be delayed, which results in FPS drops and lag spikes. GameLibBooster can noticeably reduce or even eliminate the occurrence of this stuttering.
  • Texture pop-in: most modern game engines use a technique called level streaming or lazy loading to limit RAM usage by only keeping into memory the areas of the map that surround the player. But the side effect of this technique is that if your drive isn't fast enough, you can often see chunks of level, objects and texture details popping-in as you move around. GameLibBooster can greatly reduce this effect by making game data load faster.
  • Difficulties to join multiplayer parties: to avoid excessive waiting time for the other players, multiplayer games often give you a limited time to load the map and join the lobby. If you often see error messages like "failed to join the game", GameLibBooster can probably help you.