GameLibBooster Configuration > Disk Quota

Here you can configure how much disk space on each drive you want to make available for your games. Do access this dialog, select a drive in the drive list in the left panel, and click on the DISK QUOTA button in the contextual information panel.

The Disk Quota window

GameLibBooster - Disk quota

  • Maximum disk usage for games: set how much disk space on this drive can be used for your games. The default value is 100%.
  • Minimum free disk space: set how much free disk space GameLibBooster should try to keep on this drive. The default value is 15%.


  • The Minimum free disk space setting has priority over the Maximum disk usage setting. For example, if you set 100% for Maximum disk usage and 15% for Minimum free disk space, GameLibBooster will always try to keep 15% of free disk space.
  • For SSD drives, it is recommended to set Minimum free disk space to 25% or greater to achieve a better wear leveling and maximize the life of the SSD.