AquaSnap Configuration > Appearance

Here you can configure the appearance of various visual elements in AquaSnap. To access this screen, double-click on the TidyTabs tray icon, at the bottom-right corner of the screen, and click on Appearance.

The Appearance tab

AquaSnap - Settings - Appearance

  • Visual effects: here you can modify the visual cues displayed when you are about to dock a window by dragging it to the screen edges.
    • Display a preview rectangle: when enabled, a transparent rectangle is displayed to show you where the window will be positioned if you perform the docking operation.
      • Color: color of the transparent preview rectangle.
      • Opacity: transparency level of the preview rectangle.
    • Display a snap indicator: when enabled, a small glyph representing the future position of the docked window is displayed at the border of the screen when you are about to dock a window.
      • Distance from the border (in pixels): distance between the glyph and the edge of the screen.
  • Skin: here you can choose the icons used for the snap indicators.